partners with marketing specialist Tradedoubler partners with marketing specialist Tradedoubler

An affiliate marketing programme is being launched by in partnership with performance marketing specialist Tradedoubler.

The online cruise agent will benefit from integrated tracking across desktop, mobile devices and landline in order to diversify its marketing channels and boost sales.

This will enable the company to capture and track all audiences, both online and offline.

Tradedoubler has also worked with to produce a creative marketing and commercial model to help drive traffic and sales to the cruise aggregator’s website.

Tradedoubler already works with travel providers such as Royal Caribbean, DFDS and Expedia. head of strategic partnerships Brendon Collins said: “Prospective consumers often want to talk to a cruise agent, even if they’ve found a discounted deal online.

“With our previous affiliate marketing campaigns, we were unable to track [once the customer was on the phone] which online promotion the lead had generated from.

“However, we will be able to track the history of the consumer’s purchase journey from start to finish and the network of publishers accordingly, thanks to Tradedoubler’s seamlessly integrated tracking tool.”

Dan Cohen, regional director at Tradedoubler added: “Affiliate marketing programmes progressively need to be integrated through multiple channels and be tracked, to capture optimal audiences and maximise the return-on-investment for the advertiser.

“By being able to track the full purchase journey, advertisers will gain insight to keep re-modelling and evolving their affiliate marketing programmes, to further drive traffic and sales.”

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