ATPI Group updates mobile app for business travellers

Travel management company ATPI Group has produced an updated smartphone app designed to make life easier for business travellers on the road.

A 2.0 version of its ‘On the Go’ mobile app carries new features including automatic retrieval of travel schedules and seamless integration with clients’ own personal calendars.

A mobile database automatically loads itinerary details for all bookings, while alerts and real-time updates about flight schedules are introduced together with detailed local weather information.

The app also includes tailored travel content as well as booking prices displayed in the local currency.

Chief operating officer for Europe and the USA Peter Muller said: “After extensive dialogue with our clients we have made some significant changes to the ATPI ‘On the Go’ app which have been especially developed to make business travellers’ lives easier when they are out and about.

“We know how precious time is for business travellers and are confident that the new version of the app can help to ensure that business trips run smoothly.

“Today’s traveller is already integrating many digital and mobile tools into their working day, so these new features work well alongside the current tools that we know are already so popular with our existing users.”

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