Mobile tech to take lion’s share of travel firm spend, finds TTE research

Mobile tech to take lion’s share of travel firm spend, finds TTE research

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Mobile technology will take the lion’s share of expenditure by travel companies this year, according to research for Travolution by Travel Technology Europe.

Mobile accounted for 72% of additional technology spend expected in 2014, followed by social media at 44% and reservations systems at 34%.

Likewise, mobile apps/websites are seen as the biggest trend (42%) for technology companies in the travel sector this year.

The study also found that more than 80% of respondents plan to spend more on technology in 2014.

Travel Technology Europe event manager Sarina Patel said: “2014 is set to be a year of investment in technology. The overwhelming response that 83% of Travel Technology Europe’s survey respondents expect their customers to spend more on new technology in 2014 is simply staggering.

“Almost three quarters (72%) of this expenditure is expected to be around mobile technology, compared to just 34% into features like reservations systems.

“Interestingly, not only is the travel technology world gearing up for the year of mobile, it is planning the relevant investments to deliver what is expected to be a real step change.

“We’re looking forward to hearing how our exhibitors and attendees convert this optimism into commercial success during the event.

“At the 2014 edition of Travel Technology Europe we will have a number of sessions dedicated to the mobile minefield with platforms for buyers, developers and innovators to shape the ideas that will change how mobile technology is embraced within the travel sector. It promises to be an exciting occasion.”

The full research findings:

1. On what technological areas do you expect travel firms to spend more on in 2014?

  • Mobile – 72%

  • Social – 44%

  • Reservation Systems – 34%

  • Customer Relationship Management – 43%

  • Call/Contact Centre – 12%

  • Front end websites – 38%

  • Payments – 21%

  • Accountancy/back end systems – 12%

  • Supplier (API) connectivity – 31%

  • Analytics/Business Intelligence – 48%

2. Of the following what do you think will be the biggest trend for technology firms in 2014?

  • Cloud computing – 12%

  • Personalisation engines – 12%

  • Mobile apps/websites – 42%

  • Targeted/behavioural marketing 8%

  • Search Engine Marketing – 5%

  • Social Media Marketing – 5%

  • Big Data – 16%

3. What’s the biggest challenge buyers of technology in travel are looking to overcome?

  • Systems integration – 32%

  • Legacy Systems – 15%

  • Costs/Lack of Resources – 18%

  • Follow-up Support – 11%

  • Speed to Market – 10%

  • Proliferation of Channels – 11%

  • Proliferation of Devices – 5%

4. Overall are your customers planning to spend more or less on bringing in new technology in 2014?

  • More – 83%

  • Less – 17%

5. What is the most common mistake travel technology buyers make when choosing technology?

  • Requirements are badly specified – 39%

  • Unrealistic delivery and post-sale expectations – 39% Inadequate in-house expertise/support – 22%

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