Users turned off by poor performance

A poll of US online consumers has revealed a high rate of problems experienced by users when trying to transact on travel websites.

The survey, carried out last year by research firm Harris on behalf of the TeaLeaf technology company, found almost one in five users had been “automatically kicked off” a page when trying to complete a booking.

Almost a third of users said incorrect information had been found on a page and a similar number had difficulty logging in when asked to enter their personal details.

Thirty per cent of users were also unable to finish the booking process due to “endless loops” on the site.

The survey also painted a grim picture of long-term effects on customer loyalty if problems were encountered by users on travel sites.

The top reasons for “permanently” switch to another company website included inability to complete a transaction or if a site is difficult to navigate.

Being thrown out of a page or endless error messages also triggered a damaging end to a relationship between site and user, the survey found.

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