MyTab travel gift card company launches in UK

MyTab travel gift card company launches in UK

US travel gift card company myTab has been launched in the UK ahead of Christmas.

The site was introduced in the US more than two years ago and now claims thousands of ‘myTabbers’ using it to gift, save, plan, share and book travel.

It claims to be the only site to save travel cash by enabling friends and family to make gifts of travel.

Funds can be topped up at the time of booking and any leftover cash can be put towards future trips, with no expiration date.

Once trips are booked, details can be posted on Facebook and Twitter thanking those who contributed.

A spokesman said: “The more myTabbers funding trips, the better the exclusive deals we can negotiate on your behalf taking crowd funding to a whole new level. This feature’s called ‘Match myCash’.”

The company is using the recently-acquired domain

“With global expansion underway, having a neutral url just adds to traction, now accelerating at a rate of knots,” the spokesman said.

Meanwhile ex-senior engineer at games company Zynga, Scott Prelewicz, has joined myTab as co-founder.

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