Latest version of Tripwolf travel guide app is optimised for iPads

Latest version of Tripwolf travel guide app is optimised for iPads

Travel guide provider Tripwolf has unveiled a version of its app designed specifically for the iPad.

The project took four months to complete and the app was made available on November 30 on the Apple App Store.

Tripwolf said the latest 3.0 version of the app offers enhanced trip planning functionality with the look and feel optimised for the larger iPad screen.

The firm offers travel guides for more than 500 cities, regions and whole countries using both professionally written content and user generated reviews.

Wilfried Schaffner, Tripwolf chief executive, said: “With the new iPad app, our developers have created a state-of-the-art product in the travel section.

“The Tripwolf iPhone app had to be completely rebuilt in order to fully take advantage of the possibilities of the iPad.

“Many of our users travel with their iPads nowadays. This optimisation allows us to adapt to the different needs of our users.

Ralf Stoltze, Tripwolf product manager, added: “Due to its large screen and low weight, the iPad represents a class of devices used both at home and on the road.

“We adapted to the technical capabilities of the iPad and polished the design. Now texts are easier to read, larger photos give a better indication of the places shown, and the easy handling invites to discover.”

Tripwolf is offering app users one free guide to test out the new version until December 4.

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