MTT Engage aims to accelerate travel firms’ push into mobile

Mobile Travel Technologies has released new software aimed at travel companies looking to increase mobile engagement and revenues.

MTT Engage is described as an ‘intelligent push engine’ which will help travel firms capitalise on the opportunity to sell ancillary products.

The technology allows marketing activity to be relevant and contextual and well-timed for best results, opening up business opportunities outside of the initial booking phase.

MTT conducted a poll at the recent Iata World Passenger Symposium in Dublin.

The results suggested airlines could immediately increase ancillary revenue on mobile by at least 30% by using an intelligent push engine.

This figure is modest when you consider the ability to personalise and customize ancillary offerings.

Conor O’Kane, MTT chief operating officer, said: “Airlines, hotels and other travel companies are failing to capitalise fully on the revenue opportunity on mobile.

“They can do so much more to monetise the excellent information they have about their customers.

“They know when their customers will travel, approximately what time they will be in the airport or arriving at a hotel and what types of mobile services are most relevant at the different stages of their journey.

“Armed with this information and MTT’s sophisticated messaging engine, travel companies can push timely and relevant promotions, ancillaries and information to respond better to customers’ needs.”

MTT Engage enables airlines, hotels and travel intermediaries to send targeted app (and SMS) notifications to customers to promote relevant ancillaries.

These are sent at the right time in the traveller’s journey with real-time travel updates and engage them with personalised messages and offers.

MTT Engage is a permission-based mobile messaging channel which is based on customers’ past in-app behaviours, learned preferences and location.

O’Kane added: “MTT Engage is the latest in a series of product releases from MTT. As we continue to serve the needs of our growing customer base of travel companies worldwide, our product roadmap reflects what our customers need to stay at the forefront of mobile travel services.

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