Case Study: QuBit and Attraction Tickets Direct show benefit of marginal gains

Case Study: QuBit and Attraction Tickets Direct show benefit of marginal gains

Specialist tickets website Attraction Tickets Direct has been working with web analytics firm QuBit to get a better understanding of the customer to drive up conversion and margins.

The partnership was highlighted at last week’s Travolution Summit by QuBit’s managing director Graham Cooke as an example of best practice in the travel industry. 

Chris Bradshaw, group marketing director at ATD Travel Services, said the focus was on marginal gains in the knowledge that incremental improvements would make a big difference to the bottom line.

“The first thing we wanted to do was get a better understanding of the customer journey. It comes down to attribution. Most models look at source of traffic, whereas Qubit goes a step further and looks at behavioural contribution.

“We discovered that people who saw our ‘About Us’ page were 14% more likely to book. The more people we could drive to that page the better. It builds trust and a community as well.”

After conducting AB testing, ATD improved the content on the About Us page and saw a 52% conversion uplift, said Bradshaw.

Another insight was that a certain proportion of customers were coming to the site having entered keywords that suggested they were highly price-sensitive.

As a result ATD made sure these people were targeted with its ‘Price Promise’ message and this saw a 10% conversion increase.

Bradshaw said it was important not everyone was served with this message otherwise margin would be undermined unnecessarily.

Work was also done to discover the best format for displaying three recommended products related to what website visitors had added to their baskets.

By optimising price and position, Bradshaw said this saw a small impact on the average order value, but a 44% rise in conversion, “which was totally unexpected”.

ATD believes tailoring these recommendations to what the customer has already placed in their baskets gave them confidence to go ahead and book what they had already chosen.

A personalised time-limited campaign offering free trips to Legoland when certain tickets were bought saw a 27% conversion uplift.

ATD has also used QuBit insight to help it develop international websites, Bradshaw said.This prompted it to add a Shamrock to its .ie site to appeal to that market’s patriotic nature and an About Us page written specifically for the Irish.

“Persuasion should be a subtle thing. We all know what it’s like to talk to a pushy salesman. It’s all about gentle nudges for us.”

ATD is poised to launch a responsive design website this Christmas which Bradshaw said will give it greater scope to become more personal.

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