Amadeus maintains European leadership position in R&D

Amadeus has been ranked as one of the top companies in Europe for research and development investment.

The travel technology company invested €440.3 million in 2012, a 26.7% increase over 2011, which represented 15.1% of its total revenues.

This level of investment positions Amadeus as the leader of both the European and the global rankings in the travel and tourism industry category of the EU Industrial R&D Investment Scorecard published by the European Commission.

The report examines the largest 1,000 European companies, and the world’s 2,000 largest companies investing in R&D during 2012, and ranks them according to the total amount invested.

Amadeus is the only IT travel industry company included in the global 2,000 ranking.

Head of research and development Hervé Couturier said: “R&D investment is key to innovation, and innovation is part of our DNA.

“We are very proud that, once again, the European Commission rankings confirm our commitment to keep on investing in R&D in order to continue to expand and upgrade our portfolio.

“This is reflected by the 26.7% R&D growth versus last year’s EU Scorecard and the 2.5 percentage points increase as a percentage of our revenues”.

He added: “Amadeus’ track record in innovation is a key driver for both the growth of the company and its current leading position in research and development investment more specifically.

“The 2013 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scorecard  results further confirm our continued commitment to remain at the forefront of innovation.”

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