TripAdvisor agrees first search engine integration with Bing

TripAdvisor agrees first search engine integration with Bing

Microsoft Search engine Bing will embed TripAdvisor reviews, photos and price comparison tools into its result.

It is the first time TripAdvisor has partnered with a search engine to provide traveller ratings and reviews with a live price availability tool within search results.

The review site’s content will be available in search results in for desktop and Bing Smart Search results on Windows 8.1 devices.

TripAdvisor said this “will make it easy for people to move from thinking about where they want to travel to being ready to book in a matter of seconds”.

Nathan Clapton, vice president of global mobile partnerships at TripAdvisor, said: “Research shows that hotel prices can differ by as much as 25% between different booking providers and we are focused on helping travellers make an informed decision.

“By offering Bing users an easy way to find the best hotel prices and see reviews, rating and photos from other travellers directly on Bing, we are enhancing the search and planning experience, and hopefully saving them time and money.”

Gurpreet S. Pall, engineering manager, Bing Local Search, Microsoft, added: “We are very pleased to welcome the resources of TripAdvisor.

“We developed special Bing search features to help customers find the best deals on hotels and flights, research global destinations, and find useful information to make informed decisions about their travel arrangements. We are confident TripAdvisor’s offerings will be a valuable resource for Bing searchers.”

TripAdvisor is introducing its first app for Windows 8.1. The app offers features to help travellers plan their trip. It is among the first to integrate with Bing Smart Search, which enables users to tap or click directly into the app when it is relevant to the search.

By integrating directly into Bing Smart Search the TripAdvisor app will now show up as a result for relevant travel-related searches.

Windows 8.1 searches will flag up content such as hotel ratings and reviews from within the TripAdvisor app presented within results to give people an at-a-glance view of what’s available when they open the app itself.

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