Monarch promotes new ski programme with augmented reality

Monarch promotes new ski programme with augmented reality

Monarch Airlines is making use of augmented reality to promote its ski routes this winter.

Monarch Mountain, a 360-degree virtual reality guide to ski resorts served by the airline, has been created in a direct marketing campaign by marketing agency WDMP.

Visitors will find themselves transported to a virtual ski slope, with high quality graphics and a 360-degree ‘Photosphere’ view complete with realistic falling snow and sound.

WDMP has created the campaign using technology which claims to make it accessible with one click from any tablet, smartphone, laptop or PC.

This removes the traditional barriers to augmented reality and opens up the potential audience as a result.

Navigation around the mountain is possible by moving and tilting a smartphone or tablet to travel around and access new areas.  By touching icons, consumers can visit each of the ski resorts accessible via Monarch’s routes.

Users can also watch ski tip videos from the Ski Club of Great Britain, access the latest snow reports and enter a ‘Postcard’ competition to win free flights. This encourages sharing of the campaign by ‘posting’ a virtual, personalised postcard to friends via social media.

A live price feed presents flight rates in real time with a click-through to the Monarch website to book.

The virtual mountain is part of a direct campaign that starts with a teaser email to make people look out for something in the post. This is followed by a magazine-style mail pack of information about Monarch ski routes.

The third phase of the campaign reaches out to non-responders who are sent a follow-up email encouraging them to book.

The airline’s direct marketing manager Liam Gibson said: “Last year’s campaign used augmented reality to create the ultimate ‘Destination Inspiration’ experience for skiers and in doing so, our best performing direct campaign.

“This year we are pushing the boundaries even further by using the latest technology to put our curious and digitally savvy independent skier right on the ski slope.”

WDMP managing director Craig Wheeler added: “As a relatively new entrant to the ski market Monarch needs to stand out, be known for something amongst the ski community but also reach a bigger audience than its own prospect pool through social sharing.

“We believe by combining insight into how independent skiers research their next holiday with the very latest in innovative technology this campaign meets all these requirements and creates a unique experience that is inspiring, exciting and highly shareable.”

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