Sabre claims low fares edge over rivals Amadeus and Travelport

Sabre claims its next generation air shopping platform has been proven to find the lowest rates and provide more fare choices for travellers than rivals Amadeus and Travelport.

The platform is based on a specially developed algorithm that searches, evaluates and ranks more than a billion fare combinations to list the lowest fare options.

It also allows for new features such as the ability to return multiple prices for the same itinerary and letting travellers shop and compare different fares and services offered by airlines.

Sabre EMEA senior vie president Harald Eisenaecher said: “Not only is air shopping more complex today, mobile and social trends are changing how travellers discover, shop and buy travel.

“In the next few years, personalisation will really take off, exploding the number of ways to search and filter fares, but the desire to find the lowest fare will never go away. The enhancements we’ve made to our system prepare us for the next phase of travel commerce in this region.”

Results from a third party, independent study comparing the efficacy of its shopping system to other providers show that Sabre delivers better low fare search capabilities and the best air fare options in Europe.

Sabre claims: 

  • lowest fare 9% more often than Amadeus and 35% more often than Travelport
  • fares just over 2% lower than Amadeus and nearly 12% against Travelport
  • lowest fare more often than Amadeus and Travelport in every European country
  • lowest fare over £6 cheaper than Amadeus’s lowest fare and £38 cheaper than Travelport’s lowest fare

Conducted by marketing and management consulting company Fried & Partner across 24 countries, the Sabre system also finds more of the itineraries that travellers want to buy, both in terms of time of day and length of travel times.

“While consumers expect more convenience in travel shopping, price is a key driver in purchase decisions,” said Eisenaecher. “In many cases, travellers do not buy the lowest fare option due to schedule, convenience or personal preferences.

“However, showing the lowest fare sets a baseline and builds trust with the traveller. This is critical for OTAs and other shopping services that need to capture interest and increase conversion rates.”

The enhanced shopping platform will also allow Sabre to add new services such as expanded calendar search and an enhanced “alternate city” search.

A Travelport spokeswoman said: “We strongly refute the validity of Sabre’s recent ‘study’ which is clearly no more than a marketing gimmick.

“The methodology adopted by the marketing and management consultancy behind the study is both flawed and inaccurate. Their highly biased findings inevitably come out in favour of Sabre, who commissioned and paid for the study, and are totally inconsistent with the ongoing, independent benchmark monitoring we conduct across all system providers.

“The findings also contradict the positive feedback we receive regularly from Travelport customers, who include some of the world’s largest OTAs operating in highly competitive regions, and who depend on us for our industry-leading low fares shopping technology.”

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