‘Ashamed and embarrassed’ LivingSocial vows to do better

‘Ashamed and embarrassed’ LivingSocial vows to do better

Deals website LivingSocial has come back online after an outage lasting nearly two days which left it “embarrassed and ashamed”.

The site, part-owned by Amazon, went down on Tuesday afternoon due to what it described as a technical issue.
On its official blog it said: “Suffice to say, we are ashamed and embarrassed.

“Our teams continue to work to address the internal issues with our website and mobile app – we anticipate that our systems will be live overnight here in [Washington] DC. We know you are frustrated. So are we.”

“We will do better and we will be back. We are committed to making this right with you, our customers and our merchants.”

A later post published this afternoon said: “We are back. We are here to help every LivingSocial customer and merchant resolve outstanding issues. We will make this up to you.”

The blog posts said LivingSocial did not believe any customer information or sensitive data had been compromised during the outage.

A cyber attack this year has already forced 50 million subscribers to change their passwords.



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