Sabre mobile app released for agents on the move

A mobile app has been made available for travel agents who need to book travel and serve customers while on the move.

The Sabre app provides access to commonly used agent functions including air, car, and hotel shopping and booking, customer profiles, PNR servicing, seat maps and ticketing capabilities.

The app incorporates a custom Sabre keyboard, providing access to alphanumeric and symbol characters from one screen.

The Sabre Red Mobile Workspace has been designed to take advantage of the capabilities offered by tablet devices, including touch and swipe gestures. An embedded browser gives agents in-app access to Sabre resources such as Agency eServices and AgentStream.

The app is available to download and use at no additional charge until February 15.

Since being introduced at Sabre’s Travel Technology Exchange event in May, the app has been beta tested with UK customers and others around the world.

Beta test agents were ‘highly satisfied’ with the app, testing it in a variety places, including their hotel swimming pool, on the train, from hospital and in a spa.

UK and Ireland commercial director Elisabeth Martins said: “Technology is evolving, and so is the way travel agents want to work.

“Travel agents increasingly face the need to serve their customers wherever and whenever. The Sabre Red Mobile Workspace gives them the freedom to do so.”

She added: “We are heading toward a future where the lines between offline, online and mobile are blurring and will eventually disappear. We’re helping our customers prepare for that reality.”

Beta test agent Jane Bleddyn, from Uniglobe UK, said: “Part of my role is organising groups travelling for a UK media production company, and the introduction of Sabre for the iPad has been fantastic.

“During production time, I usually have to be on call and within a one-hour commute of my computer, but having Sabre on the iPad, I can be anywhere and still service my clients to the high standard they expect.

The ability to make, amend and cancel bookings is easy; navigation of the tool is simple.”

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