Hilton DIY guides add value

Hilton DIY guides add value

Hilton Hotels is improving its value-add products for consumers using the web, as competition in the hotel sector appears to be concentrating on providing Web 2.0 tools and in-resort materials.

The chain has now improved its existing eBrochures product by allowing users to create their own Destination Guides – a significant step, it claims, towards personalising its relationship with the consumer once a booking has been made.

The guides, which are available as downloadable PDFs, have been developed by ReportLab, a London-based electronic brochure specialist that has already worked with the likes of Langham Hotels, Hidden Croatia and the Seychelles Tourist Board.

Hilton’s destination guides are currently supplied by content specialist What’s On When.

“This is a big step forward in our mission to let people create exactly the travel literature they need to take away from the web – whether we’re helping them to make a choice, or equipping them with a practical guide to make their journey easier,” says ReportLab chief executive Andy Robinson.

“Hilton has truly outstanding hotel content, and together with the destination guides, we believe these new documents will be extremely useful for their guests.”

Hilton says the eBrochure product has been “tremendous success” since its launch last April, buoyed by what many would suspect is a need to provide brand-heavy, yet innovative tools for consumers once they complete the booking on the website.

“By adding in destination guide content Hilton has gone a step toward creating a more holistic travel experience, which is a real value-add for our guests,” Hilton says.

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