Peakwork boss honoured for his record in the industry

The chief executive of German travel software specialist Peakwork has been honoured for his record in the industry.

Ralf Usbeck travelled to London to pick up a WTM Globe Award awarded to him through the global media partnership with Travolution.

Usbeck is currently heading up the fast-growing Peakwork, which is now working with Europe’s largest travel firms.

He previously founded and was chief executive of Traveltainment, the firm that was sold to Amadeus and was also a key partner of many leading travel firms.

Peakwork is exhibiting at this year’s WTM having announced its official entrance into the UK market earlier this year.

The big two, Tui Travel and Thomas Cook, have already implemented Peakwork in their live systems and demand from the wider market is growing quickly.

Peakwork has created bespoke ‘Player-Hub’ technology which allows travel content to be distributed quickly and efficiently without putting undue strain on a firm’s own reservation systems.

The firm says this is increasingly important as the number of searches for every booking grows due to the rise of mobile.

Colin McKee, UK managing director of Peakwork, said: “Our business is growing fast.

“Demand for our product comes from the benefits our solution is providing, particularly to the front end sales channels where speedy delivery of accurate, comprehensive, up-to-date and relevant offer content is what the consumer wants to see more of.

“This in turn improves conversions and overall sales as well as the customer experience and this is what the tour operators, suppliers and OTAs want to see more of.

“The exponential growth of mobile means more searches for travel offers on tour operator systems. Our technology when installed within the tour operator ensures a speedy and consistent delivery to web and mobile front ends, regardless of the number of requests.“

Peakwork says its technology offers advantages for tour operators, airlines, OTAs and the end consumer.

Tour operators, hotels, bed banks, airlines and agencies are using the Peakwork Player software to enhance their travel product offers.

The technology holds the offers in the Player and they are available in real-time to directly match the requests from sales channels.

Sales channels use the Peakwork Hub to retrieve the offers in real-time from the Players and these are displayed through Peakwork standardised formats and interfaces on websites and retail systems.

Peakwork says online consumers and travel agents are benefiting from super-fast response times and a wide flexibility of options available in the search process.

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