TelMe debuts air fare tool

TelMe Farebase has launched technology that allows agents to search for air fares worldwide across all four major global distribution systems.

E-WorldShopper, which has taken 15 months to develop, allows agents to find the cheapest fare on routes anywhere in the world.

Managing director Peter Muller said the system is intended for use by multi- national agencies and consortia with members in different countries because it allows them to tap into their full range of fares and GDS deals.

He added there are massive fare discrepancies between the GDSs in different countries, often with home markets able to access the cheapest fare.

“If a UK agent is booking a flight from Singapore to Sydney then the cheapest price probably won’t be through a UK GDS,” Muller said.

E-WorldShopper was officially launched at the Travel Technology Show this week after being trialled by business travel agencies Uniglobe and GlobalStar.

Uniglobe is rolling out the system through its worldwide network following a trial in the UK, Belgium and Dubai.

“It has the potential to give agencies a real competitive advantage,” Muller said.

Meanwhile, the technology firm has also launched an online credit card authorisation system for traditional agencies looking to expand on the web.

The T-CAS system automatically and in real time authorises online credit card transactions, removing the need for agents to manually check credit-card details once a booking has been made.

Muller claimed one of its clients had two people manually authorising credit-card payments made on its website. Now those two people are employed as full-time sales staff.

TelMe Farebase charges set-up costs and transaction fees for both technology systems. The transaction fee for E-WorldShopper is between $5 and $8.

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