Amadeus-dnata deal set to drive efficiencies for Emirates and flydubai

Fuel savings are expected to flow for Emirates and flydubai flights as a result of a tie-up with an arm of Amadeus.

Amadeus has agreed a deal with Emirates-owned ground handler dnata to implement its Altéa Departure Control’s Flight Management solution in in Dubai.

The agreement spans Emirates and flydubai flights and more than 100 other dnata customer airlines using the system.

Amadeus will provide dnata with an automated solution for managing the weight and balance of all flights it handles from its centralised load control offices in Dubai.

The new-generation load control platform is designed to enable ground handlers to ensure efficient flight departures and optimise the weight and balance process of flights.

It claims to improve the productivity of load controllers, and enables greater precision in the forecast and analysis of passenger and cargo load.

The system automatically defines optimal load distribution, thereby optimising fuel requirements for airlines and increasing uplift capacity of aircraft.

Dnata airport operations divisional senior vice president Jon Conway said: “Amadeus’ in-depth experience, vast reach and high level of development will help us gain greater efficiencies through the full automation of our weight and balance system.

“Furthermore, Altéa Departure Control’s Flight Management enables us to provide our airline customers with significant fuel savings.”

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