HomeAway reveals new ‘pay-per-booking’ option

Holiday rental home owners are being offered a new ‘pay-per-booking’ option by online vacation rental firm HomeAway.

Owners can now pay 10% of the booking each time the home is booked instead of an up-front subscription fee to the company.

A referral network has also been established by the company with a range of options for property owners.

Chief executive Brian Sharples said: “With no up-front fee, our pay-per-booking model allows new customers to try our sites before committing to an annual subscription, and it also gives short-season renters a low-cost way to cover their expenses or help pay their mortgage with a few bookings.

“But for most customers on HomeAway, an annual subscription still remains the best value.”

He added: “Our research tells us that many owners who don’t subscribe to our sites are concerned about the time commitment required to rent their property.

“With the launch of the referral network and pay-per-booking, it’s never been more attractive to work with HomeAway to turn your vacation property into a source of additional income.”

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