Amadeus extreme search helps Tripsta put price on the radar

Amadeus extreme search helps Tripsta put price on the radar

Athens-based online agency Tripsta has developed a search engine which it says is specifically primed to find the lowest available flight prices within the next six months.

Price Radar, currently available in beta, covers 2,500 domestic and international routes and, says Tripsta, stands out from rivals due to its speed.

It makes use of Amadeus’s extreme search technology and claims to be able to show the user results in less than one second.

Price Radar offers criteria-based search on such factors as dates, maximum price, duration of stay and number of stops.

The results interface offers a three-step process to find the lowest price for the customer.

The first step is a bar chart with the lowest fares per day for the next six months. It allows the user to see all available prices and to scroll through them.

The second step shows another bar chart, but this time only for a timeframe of 14 days and the customer then has to choose the exact required dates.

The third step shows the actual results and possible return flights together with the prices for the selected departure date.

Philipp Brinkmann, chief executive of Tripsta, said: “Price Radar is an example of our commitment to develop innovative tools for our customers.

“Using Price Radar, our customers can base their search around their budget within a timeframe of six months.

“Because of the huge amount of data, something like this was not possible up until now. We are convinced that Price Radar gives us a competitive advantage to our competitors and that it will boost our conversion rates.”

Tripsta says it will use the beta version of Price Radar to discover how customers interact with the service before deciding on further enhancements.

To date it is available in Greece, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Romania and Ireland.

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