Marin and ResponseTap promise more bang for marketing buck

A new partnership between Marin Software and ResponseTap is promising travel firms substantially reduced cost-per-lead following integration of their technologies.

The firms claim Tui Travel, which is already making use of Marin’s marketing management platform and ResponseTap’s call tracking analytics, has seen costs halved.

The collaboration means travel firms can track customers both online and offline and gain greater insight into what advertising channels are driving leads and revenue.

This is particularly valuable in the travel industry where much of the online marketing activity is aimed at encouraging customers to contact call centres.

Ross Fobian, chief executive of ResponseTap said: “Even in the digital age, customers still want verbal reassurance before committing to a sale – particularly when it comes to high value or complex purchases like holidays, or financial products.

“That’s why it’s critical to match telephone sales to the online marketing that originally captured interest. Working with Marin we are able to give digital marketers a new level of actionable insights to make their marketing more effective.”

Marin and ResponseTap say their integration gives digital marketers deep insights into customer behaviour and makes it possible to automatically adjust keyword bids based on which campaigns are most successfully driving sales over the phone.

ResponseTap allocates a unique phone number to every website visitor. This makes it possible to match that call to a particular web session, tracking and analysing the route a customer took, including the search term they entered to reach the site.

Marin Software pulls this data into its Revenue Acquisition Management Platform. This is can then be used to optimise online advertising spend based on offline conversions from ResponseTap.

Gagan Kanwar, director of partnerships and research at Marin Software, said: “We’re excited about this partnership and bringing superior performance to advertisers using the Marin and ResponseTap platforms.

“Advertisers recognise that their data is their advantage. Through Marin Connect we help clients uncover more revenue from online and offline data.”

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