Kayak to expand into eight new countries

Kayak to expand into eight new countries

Travel site Kayak is expanding into eight new countries across three continents.

The first two websites have gone live in Australia and Holland with local sites in Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Belgium, Hong Kong and Singapore due to launch within the next two weeks.

The company also plans to continue expansion across Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific.

The Kayak iOS and Android apps, which claim more than 30 million cumulative downloads, will also be available in the new markets soon.

Co-founder and chief executive Steve Hafner said: “International growth has long been a strategic objective for Kayak and one of the most significant synergies provided by joining The Priceline Group.

“It took our team four years to reach our first eight markets and we’re now equipped to move much faster and plan to continue expanding in 2014.”

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