TravelRes claims hotel first with user reviews is to allow user generated reviews of hotels on its website but has included what it believes is a fail-safe method to stop bogus reviews being posted.

The website, which recently launched in the UK and is part of the German online hotel reservation service, will only allow users to post a review once they have stayed at a particular property.

The system will ask a series of standard questions – based on criteria such as room quality, noise, cleanliness, friendliness of staff, price-performance – but will also give users a free-text section to add their own comments.

TravelRes claim it will be the first hotel reservation site to allow free-text comments to be left against properties.

Users searching for a hotel will also be able to sort properties based on the standard marking criteria.

TravelRes managing director, Philipp Dostal, said: “In order to be able to constantly improve our hotel range, beside our own quality efforts we are also reliant on our customers’ feedback as they experience hotels every day on the spot. There is no better indicator.”

Consumers will be able to make their comments once they have used a hotel, either by using a secure area of the site or when they receive an email on departure, which will take them directly to review section.

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