Business travellers survey highlights mobile tech deficiencies

The office is no longer where many workers feel at their most productive, a new survey of European business travellers shows.

Almost three quarters (73%) see journey time as enabling them to catch-up and improve their productivity.

A further 56% say they have their best ideas while away from the office.

By using technology, 88% of business travellers are able to get ahead and remain productive by catching up on email (31% of the time), researching information (24% of the time) and editing content (22% of the time).

But the greatest barriers to productivity are lack of connectivity (62%) and being unable to get remote access to normal work tools or applications (51%).

And the aspirations of corporate travellers are beginning to exceed the capabilities of their devices.

Despite prolific use of technology, eight out of ten feel restricted:

  • 59% find internet connectivity slow or inconsistent;

  • 56% say device battery life is too short;

  • 51% find the performance of their device too slow;

  • 50% say connecting to the internet or their mobile network is too expensive or difficult.

James Morrish, chief technologist for HP UK & Ireland, which carried out the poll of 600 business travellers from nine European countries, said: “Mobile working has become a fact of life for executives. Our survey illustrates the new style of IT driven by connectivity and it’s creating greater expectations of mobile devices.

“We’ve seen business travellers come to expect the same ease of use, design qualities and performance they experience with consumer technology.

“They’ve been bringing more consumer devices into their working lives, but these don’t always meet the requirements of the IT department.”

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