Compare Discount Holidays promises to shake up lead generation

The busy world of holiday price comparison is set to get even busier with the launch of a new player in the sector.

Compare Discount Holidays claims it wants to take the discount holiday market by storm in 2014 as a new lead generator for travel agents in the space.

The site will officially launch on October 7 with a £1 million marketing war chest and a promotional campaign online and on TV and radio.

It will find already established players like Teletext Holidays, Icelolly, Holiday Discount Centre, Icecreamholidays and Holidayhypermarket already dominating the Google rankings.

But Compare Discount Holidays says a “crisper, sleeker and visually stunning new website” will give it an edge that will see it shake up the market.

It says its ambition is backed by its knowledge of the US and Asian market and its own dedicated marketing agencies affiliated with Google.

Roger Platt, managing director of Compare Discount Holidays, said:

“We’re overwhelmed by the number of travel agencies that have already partnered with us, it’s phenomenal.

“Agents have limited choice in the way they obtain their customers and with so many lead generators changing their prices, re-negotiating terms, restructuring their management teams and under delivering, we felt there was a market for a better product, so we created Compare Discount Holidays.

“We’re going to use the best of what we’ve learnt over the years, combining our knowledge with experts in the digital fields and use it to catalyse a new offering to travel agencies.

“The market needs to be made aware that there are reliable sustainable lead generation services still out there. These are exciting times for us and, it seems like, the entire discount holiday sector.”

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