Farelogix reveals ‘dynamic bundle’ tech solution

Technology designed to enable airlines to dynamically package services to travellers has been unveiled.

The airline merchandising solution supports Iata’s controversial new distribution capability (NDC).

Developed by Farelogix, the FLX Merchandise ‘dynamic bundle’ capability enables airlines to provide multiple services in a single offering such as Wi-Fi, priority boarding, and business seating with power port for corporate travellers.

It allows carriers to remain in control of their product offerings and provide “truly targeted offers, down to the individual traveller level” across multiple distribution channels using NDC-compliant XML connectivity, according to the company.

Farelogix chief executive Jim Davidson said: “This takes personalisation and trip customisation to a new level, giving travellers unprecedented flexibility of choice while bringing airlines another step forward in their new-found roles as retailers.

“It also puts the airline focus where it needs to be – on generating revenue and making their customers happy.

“With the new capabilities of FLX Merchandise, airlines can easily test and market countless new service combinations without the headache of custom implementation or long time-to-market cycles. And in the process, they have the opportunity to give the traveller exactly what they want during a travel experience – which drives loyalty to the airline brand.”

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