Sabre joins A Fair Tax on Flying campaign

Sabre today joined the ranks of travel companies supporting A Fair Tax on Flying’s campaign calling for reform of Air Passenger Duty.

It is the first technology company to officially join the movement.

Sabre joins the campaign following the news that more than 450 British business leaders have signed a petition calling for a review of APD.

Sabre UK & Ireland commercial director Elisabeth Martins said: “The constant rises in this stealth tax are harming airlines, leisure and business travellers, and the UK economy as a whole.

“The exorbitant levels of APD – higher here than in any other country in the world – are making the UK uncompetitive, and have created a barrier for businesses that rely on international travel to conduct their affairs.

“The current system must be reformed if businesses are to be allowed to grow and expand in the current challenging economic climate.”

She added: “The 2012 London Olympics provided the economy with a much needed shot in the arm. But if businesses are to take advantage of the momentum it created the government needs to take decisive steps in order to ensure the effects of APD are limited.

“Sabre is the technology backbone of the travel sector. We work every day with airlines, hotels, travel agents, cruise lines, train operating companies and travellers, and we see the damage APD is causing.

“I would encourage all businesses affected by the APD to join A Fair Tax on Flying’s campaign, and make their voice heard on the need for a more sustainable system of air passenger tax in the UK.”

Abta chief executive Mark Tanzer said: “It’s great that Sabre has joined the growing number of companies that support A Fair Tax on Flying’s campaign.

“Sabre’s support is a reflection of the importance of this campaign for all business sectors.

“This tax isn’t just damaging to those directly involved in aviation, it has a domino effect on any business that supports the sector or that relies on connectivity.

“It is vital that other companies and organisations affected by this unfair tax join the campaign and call on the government to reform the current system, which is stunting the UK’s economic growth and recovery.”

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