Destinology introduces dedicated online agent booking platform

A dedicated online booking platform for agents has been introduced by luxury operator Destinology.

The company claims to be offering competitive room rates to enable independent agents to compete with online direct sell operators on a level playing field.

The booking system at offers a platform for agents to search, quote, and book a range of air fares and luxury hotels.

One of the key advantages of the new service is the opportunity to uplift commissions, according to the company.

Adjustable margins are factored into each booking individually, allowing agents to maximise the monetary potential of each reservation.

Site functionality records quotations within an online back office, allowing agents to store and retrieve itineraries with ease. Post-booking support completes the offering.

The system displays detailed property descriptions and live availability, claiming to set a new benchmark for agent booking systems.

Destinology specialises in Dubai, the Maldives, Mauritius, Thailand and the Caribbean.

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