Expedia aims to spruce up humdrum tweets with new campaign

A Twitter campaign has been developed by Expedia which will see ‘lacklustre’ tweets given the brand’s ‘Travel Yourself Interesting’ [#TYI] treatment.

All #TYI tweets generated by the campaign will link to a YouTube channel where the films can be watched and shared.

The content will feature the words of the uninteresting Tweet transplanted into a more interesting setting in another country.

Ordinary tweeters will also be encouraged to hashtag their own dull tweets for a chance to win a holiday to Abu Dhabi.

The campaign is also designed to highlight Expedia’s mobile app which allows people to access its flights and hotels booking engine and online travel tools like itineraries, and airport terminal maps via their handsets.

More than 80% of Twitter content is viewed on mobile phone, and most of the #TYI campaign films will be shot using smartphones.

Expedia EMEA senior marketing director Andrew Warner said: “With almost instant content generation we are showing, directly and immediately, how rapidly you can transform the mundane to the marvellous through travel.

“By linking this campaign with our new mobile app, we hope to inspire more people to seize the moment and start travelling their lives more interesting in just a few taps.”

Gerry Human, chief creative officer at Ogilvy & Mather London which developed the campaign, said: “This is an outstanding next step in Expedia’s brave and smart avoidance of clichéd travel marketing in favour of a campaign that’s more about what you get out of travel, than where you go. Not only that, the world, let alone Twitter, might even be a better place if everyone was a bit more interesting.”

The main #TYI drive kicked off over the weekend with TOWIE star Jessica Wright’s everyday tweet – “Can’t wait for tonight with the girls but hope this rain clears up! Birthday girl tomorrow” – turned into a ditty by The Naked Cowboy in New York.

This was then was turned into a short film and tweeted back to the celebrity.

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