Cruise Village urges agencies to stop bidding on its brand

Cruise Village urges agencies to stop bidding on its brand

Cruise Village has written to various agencies to raise awareness of its registered trademark status and ask them not to bid on its name in Google AdWords.

Director Phil Nuttall said the company became a registered trademark two years ago and has seen growth in recent years, taking on more homeworkers and opening ‘Villages’ across the country.

The company tweeted last week claiming other companies were “abusing google search” using its trademark – meaning companies were bidding on the term Cruise Village which allows them to appear in the box at the top of the natural search results.

@cruise_holidays tweeted: “Letters being prepared for those who don’t realise ‘Cruise Village’ is a registered trademark. Abusing google search we’ve had enough.”

Speaking to Travel Weekly Nuttall said agents had responded well to the letters.

“This has become an issue recently because as we grow as a company we need to protect our company and our homeworkers and their interests.

“It’s hard to say whether those doing it were aware we were a trademark or not but everyone we have contacted has responded really well and has understood.

“They are my peers and colleagues so the reaction has been nice to see. Everyone has been very supportive and they have given us a lot of mutual respect from this.

“We’re asking them to make Cruise Villages a negative key word.”

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