Visa arranging website unveiled

A new consumer facing website that automates the purchase of travel visas has been launched in the UK by a corporate travel services provider. is an offshoot of the TLCS Global Visa Service, a visa management company for business travellers with ten years experience behind it.

The website has been created to allow travellers to submit their details online and then follow the progress of an application through an in-built tracking system.

There are also plans to create a while label version of the product that will be available to existing travel websites.

The creation of a checking system it is hoped will ensure users that submit incorrect details will be notified before the application is sent to an embassy for processing.

Visa Company’s chief executive Malcolm Bluemel said: “The launch of The Visa Company is part of our vision of making the visa application process as simple, straightforward and as cost-effective as possible for the consumer.

“At the heart of this vision is our website that delivers accurate and clear visa information from a comprehensive database supported by a proven online booking and tracking tool.”

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