Concur hails move towards super-fast Wi-Fi on trains, planes and ships

Moves that will see super-fast Wi-Fi becoming available on several modes transport have been welcomed by travel and expense management specialist Concur.

The UK regulator Ofcom is proposing licensing a new satellite system for aircraft, ships and trains that promised lightning-fast Wi-Fi connectivity.

Concur said this would be a “big leap in progress for business travel”.

Ofcom, which began its consultation last week, stated that airlines ‘would have to make a commercial decision’ on whether to use the new systems.

Isabel Montesdeoca, general manager and senior vice president of Concur in Europe said: “The prospect of installing quicker, faster Wi-Fi broadband access on planes and trains is – from a business traveller’s perspective at least – a ‘no brainer’.

“The travel industry is in the midst of a revolution driven by smartphone and tablet apps, and – if we let it – internet connectivity at all stages of a journey can ensure a business trip is smoother, faster, easier and more productive.

“Mobile apps available to travellers today are capable of booking and rebooking trips, filing or approving expense reports on the move, checking your itinerary, booking cabs, getting maps to and from hotels or meeting venues and making great restaurant, coffee shop or other local recommendations in the blink of an eye.

“Who wouldn’t want that on a ten hour flight or three hours train journey to an important business meeting?”

Concur said a recent YouGov study of 1,000 regular business travellers in the UK showed three out of four admit to ‘unproductive moments’ on the road nearly 40% do not use mobile apps when they are travelling on business.

Montesdeoca added: “Considering the power and potential of apps to boost productivity, comfort and peace of mind on a business trips, it’s a huge surprise that such a large number of people are still underutilising them. A boost in broadband speed might just make the difference.”

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