Honest Qwerty brings back the fun with British sense of humour

Honest Qwerty brings back the fun with British sense of humour

Surrey-based online travel agency Qwerty Travel has re-launched with the bold claim of being ‘the most honest travel agent site in the UK’.

A site redesign has been focused on helping visitors find the right product for them in the fastest possible time.

A new range of thermometer-style ratings icons guides couples, families, singles and groups to the most suitable product.

The ratings range from 10% suitability or ‘consider yourself warned’ to 40% ‘you could do better than here’ to 100% ‘perfect match’.

The honesty promise also comes with what Qwerty describes as “incredibly realistic descriptions of resorts”.

One example it gives is a review of the popular Canary Island of Tenerife which states: “Let’s be clear now, there are quite a lot of manmade beaches in Tenerife, so if you’re looking for an ‘au naturale’ setting, be careful.”

Matt Somers, managing director of Qwerty, said after seven years the time was right to give the site a refresh and to take the brand in a new direction.

“The online travel space is a crowded one and we need to be able to stand out, so we decided to go for an honest, but also slightly tongue-in-cheek, approach.

“It’s a very British sense of humour, another aspect to make us stand out. We’re not trying to appeal to an international audience.

“Hopefully it’s like having your witty mate in the pub tell you about where best to go on holiday. We want to put the fun back into travel retail.”

Qwerty has worked with Brighton-based agency +mustard on the rebranding and is promising more big things to come.

A mobile site is due to go live in two weeks.

Somers added: “We want to be able to point out some of the quirky nature of destinations, something a bit unexpected that perhaps won’t be in the guide books.”

Kat Pouwer, SEO director at +mustard, said: “The travel industry is flooded with sites providing the same style of content and we are so excited the team at Qwerty are taking a fresh new approach and working with us to develop content that is fun, cheeky but yet honest.”

Qwerty has re-launched the site with a selection of offers to holiday favourites like Ibiza, the Algarve and Lanzarote.

The agency is a member of the Travel Trust Association and says it will carry around 50,000 passengers this year.

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