TripAdvisor begins revamp with personalised tools

TripAdvisor has taken the first step toward its programme of overhauling its website with the introduction of personalised services for users.

The user-review site has built a My Trips facility that will allow consumers to file reviews or pieces of information about properties or information into folders.

Users will also be able to customise the folders to include maps, photos, travel plan details and notes.

The tool will be available to all users whenever they see a “Save This” button against any information.

The project is the first major piece of functionality added to TripAdvisor as part of a wider overhaul of the site.

In December, chief executive and co-founder Steve Kaufer told Travolution the site would undertake a series of improvements during 2007 to personalise the services for users.

A redesign of the site, aimed at improving navigation, is also planned for 2007.

Senior vice president of marketing, Christine Petersen, said: “With more than five million reviews, tips and insider secrets on hotels, restaurants and attractions, we believe we have the answer to virtually any travel question – from what to do around the corner to around the world.

“Now with the ability to quickly save and file the most useful information you find on TripAdvisor, planning and going are both a breeze.”

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