Book with your left hand and get a deal, says Ryanair’s O’Leary

Book with your left hand and get a deal, says Ryanair’s O’Leary

Ryanair, an airline never known to be shy of a spot of publicity, has launched a promotion to mark World Lefhanders’ Day.

Chief executive Michael O’Leary, himself “blessed” with a strong left hand, is fronting up the push offering 100,000 seats for sale across the carrier’s European network.

In addition, August 13 will be marked in airports and in the skies by Ryanair which says it wants to pay tribute to “our estimated 8.1 million left-handed passengers”.

The self-styled ‘ultra-low-cost airline’ will only be accepting boarding passes from left hands, tea and coffee on board will be served in left-handed cups and all 10kg cabin baggage must only be carried on board by passengers using their left hands.

No word on how heavy the fines will be for anyone transgressing these temporary new lefty laws.

The 100,000 seat sale will see prices starting from just £19.99 for travel on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in September, October and November and booked on before midnight on Thursday, August 15.

The airline states these must be booked using a left hand, however, no doubt in a bid to avoid claims of ‘righthandism’, the airline added there will be no extra charge for right-handed passengers.

No information was forthcoming on how Ryanair intends to check if the bookings are actually made using the left hand.

O’Leary said:  “As one of the 10% of the world’s population blessed with a strong left-hand, I know all about the difficulties faced by fellow lefties.

“To celebrate World Left Handers’ Day tomorrow, Ryanair is launching a 100,000 seat sale on over 1,000 European routes at prices starting from just £19.99, for travel in September, October and November – which must be booked using left hands only.”

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