Group platform will help small players take on the big boys, says Appy Hotel

Group platform will help small players take on the big boys, says Appy Hotel

Appy Hotel has developed a new service offering smaller associations and groups of hotels the chance to have individual mobile apps for each of their properties.

The free mobile marketing service will help small to medium-sized chains compete with the larger players in the sector as the move to mobile bookings gather pace, said Appy Hotels.

The group app allows individual hotels to work together to create an umbrella app including individual hotel branding which can then be promoted on each property’s and each partner’s website.

JP Dumas, founder and chief executive of Appy Hotel, said: “The single biggest challenge for small UK hotels is marketing themselves against the competition.

“Hotel associations and small chains do not benefit from the clout that a recognised national hotel brand can boast, leaving it vulnerable.

“By teaming up with other hoteliers – whether that’s a partner hotel, small group in a seaside town in Cornwall, or a group of boutique hotels across the UK, it’s a simple case of power by numbers.

“Why go on a solo mission when you can benefit from the brand power of others? We know that hotels in marketing groups experience dramatically increased revenue growth compared to those that remain independent.

“The functionality of the app allows information about the hotel to be easily digested in a format that’s interactive, personal and easy to use. Creating an ‘experience’ for visitors will leave a lasting impression and encourage them to tell their friends.

Appy Hotel apps are configured for both Apple and Android operating systems.

Appy Hotel provides a range of monthly plans ranging from a basic free option to a £99 option that supports powerful optimisation and guest satisfaction features.

A white label version of the app which is built and managed by Appy Hotel for the hotelier is also available at £199 per month.

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