Best Western celebrates online growth by revamping site

Best Western Hotels has revealed revenues generated by its website have increased by 33% in the past year, prompting a major overhaul of its online brand in the UK.

The UK division of the global chain has re-launched its central website, which serves around 300 independently owned hotels, following the massive switch during 2006 to online booking.

The company said the number of bookings had also increased by 25% year-on-year.

The site has now been given a major visual facelift and a string of new pieces of functionality added behind the scenes.

Tools such as a AA route planner, weather forecasts for each hotel and “Find-A-Deal” pages have been incorporated into the site.

A directory system has also been included to give users local information for each hotel, such as amenities, nearby businesses, shops, leisure and transport information.

Head of e-commerce and distribution Jo Burman said the soaring online sales figures “underline how important the internet now is to our company in terms of informing guests of the Best Western brand and offering along with generating revenue”.

She added: “Information on all local attractions, events, regional guides and a ‘local directory’, which includes information on nearby businesses, shops, leisure and transport facilities make it easy for guests to plan an entire trip – not just the accommodation.”

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