Momondo data reveals Brits fly on most expensive days of the week

Momondo data reveals Brits fly on most expensive days of the week

Flights departing on Tuesdays work out cheaper than flying on Fridays and weekends, according to new research.

Fares for flights departing on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, can rise by as much as 46% of the price to fly earlier in the week, when it is cheapest.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday flights work out to cost on average 22% more than the cheapest day of the week.

A study of 40 routes from the UK by travel search site found that for 58% of them, the cheapest departure day was a Tuesday.

For 28% of the routes, it was cheapest to depart on a Wednesday. And for the remaining 14% of routes, it was cheapest to fly on a Monday or Thursday.

The firm’s Flight Insight analysis tool found that consumers can save an average of 18% by flying earlier in the week. Looking individually at some routes, the saving went up to 36%.

Momondo spokeswoman Julie Pedersen said: 
”The majority of Brits like to leave for a holiday at the end of the working week, preferring not to wait until Monday to set off.

“However, we found that with some flexibility in your schedule, you can save a lot of money by departing in the beginning of the week instead.”

Along with day of departure, the cost of air fares is strongly influenced by factors including the number of days they are booked before departure, time of day, season, airlines serving the route, and airports of departure and arrival.

These factors are highly individual for each route, and should be taken into consideration by travellers wanting to save money on their flight.

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