Sabre builds new air fare tool for agents

Sabre Travel Network has rolled out its air shopping and pricing platform into Europe following the successful launch of the tool in the US in 2006.

The Sabre Air tool allows travel agencies to find “best fare options” for customers plus view and price complex fare itineraries.

STN has also created a MyFare product that enables agencies to include “private fares” into the Sabre GDS.

It is hoped the MyFare tool will particularly benefit business travel agents.

The introduction of Sabre Air and MyFare are part of a wider project to move Sabre clients to a vastly improved technology platform.

The company said over 28,000 agency locations in Europe and the Middle East have migrated to Sabre Air, following the 27,000 made in North America in 2006.

European senior vice president, Richard Adams, said: “This milestone, which marks one of the world’s most comprehensive technology conversions, is a result of significant product investment and resource allocation.”

The announcement comes amid reports of a outsourcing of finance operations across Sabre Holdings in Europe, predominantly from the and Travelocity Business end of the portfolio, but including some 20 from STN.

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