Social study shows selective sharing statistics

Social study shows selective sharing statistics

One in five UK social network users are most likely to share data with holiday, travel and leisure sites, according to new research.

A study of 2,000 consumers also reveals that they are increasingly selective about the people and brands they follow on social media, highlighting the huge value of social data for marketers in the travel and leisure industry.

It found that more than half of social network users (53%) are willing to share data from their social media profiles for a more personalised experience.

One in five (22%) say they are most likely to do this for travel and leisure sites, according to the research by social personalisation firm Intent HQ.

The top three personalisation elements that consumers are willing to share their social data with the travel and leisure sector for are:

  • Offers and discounts (57%)
  • Deals, holidays and travel based on their interests (41%)
  • Seeing bookings and other content their friends and family have engaged with (34%)

The study also highlights the data that social media users are willing to give to online travel and leisure operators for personalisation, with 30% actively sharing information about holidays and 35% about events and places they have been to.

Two thirds of social media users said they only follow brands they have a genuine interest in and 32% agree they have become more selective in the information they share, suggesting the high value that can be placed on the credibility of this social data.

Company chief executive Jonathan Lakin said: “Travel and leisure is a natural sector fit for social personalisation. People love to tell their social networks where they’ve visited and what they’ve done, as well as share travel tips and hotel recommendations with their friends.

“By enabling social personalisation, the travel, tourism and leisure sector has an enormous potential to tap into this data in order to drive greater engagement.”

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