Appy Hotel launches free app-building tech to UK hotels

Appy Hotel launches free app-building tech to UK hotels

Appy Hotel has unveiled a free marketing tool for UK hotels which allows them to build their own promotional mobile apps.

The firm, which currently provides its service to over 500 hotels worldwide, claims the tool will increase awareness, build customer relationships, improve guest experiences and generate revenue, citing research which suggests that 65% of online customers make same-day hotel reservations from their smartphone.

Guests can download the app to their mobile to find out about the hotel’s services and nearby attractions, provide feedback to management, and also book in-house services, restaurants and amenities.

The marketing tool is available as a basic “always free” option, but hoteliers are able to upgrade to a £99 option that supports powerful optimisation and guest satisfaction features or a white label version which is built and managed by Appy Hotel for the hotelier, which costs £199 per month.

JP Dumas, founder and chief executive of Appy Hotel, said: “The meteoric rise in smartphone and tablet use now means that consumers are demanding information in real-time often whilst on the move.

“This is the direction that hoteliers must take if they’re to generate excitement about their properties and market their services effectively. The ultimate goal of any hotelier is to boost occupancy rates, but it’s now also possible to gain huge revenue opportunities by allowing guests to book additional services via the app platform.

“We know that cost is the main reason deterring hoteliers from investing in the latest technology, but they no longer have to pay a huge amount of money to employ an app developer when they can do it themselves, for free and with the same level of high quality.”

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