HRS app updated to pre-populate booking forms with G+ details

European hotel portal HRS has announced an update to its app that allows users to pre-populate booking forms with data from their Google+ profile.

Details such as name, phone number and email address can now be automatically ported across from the social network, avoiding the manual form-filling process and speeding up bookings.

Other features of the app include the ability for guests to receive a smartphone message once they come within 10km of their hotel, containing all relevant booking details and a ‘Call HRS’ button to contact a 24/7 hotline if the user needs any assistance.

Recommending accommodation by using Google+’s ‘+1’ system has also been made easier by the new integration, as has sharing and commenting on hotels.

Björn Krämer, HRS director of mobile and new media, said: “It is our aim to make hotel booking for travellers as easy and as fast as possible and to specifically tailor our services to their travel situation

“Our new features now allow for bookings that can be made within the blink of an eye, saving valuable time. We are also thinking one step ahead: It is imaginable that, after your booking, a list of Google+ contacts can be displayed, all of which are in the vicinity of the booked hotel or have a relation to the city visited. You could easily combine business with pleasure after you have finished your work”.

The HRS app is available for all Android devices and iPhones.

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