Open Allies demands Iata drops NDC to re-engage with the trade

Open Allies, which represents 400 travel sellers and trade associations, has written to Iata asking it to withdraw Resolution 787 on which its proposed New Distribution Capability (NDC) is based.

The group has raised its objections to the US government asking for the Department of Transport to insist Iata submits a new resolution setting out clearly what the intention of NDC is.

Open Allies claims there are inconsistencies between how Iata characterises NDC and what Resolution 787 says and that suggested conditions to clarify things will only serve to confuse matters further.

Andrew Weinstein, Open Allies executive director, has also written to Iata chief executive Tony Tyler to set out his concerns and to offer to work “collegially to bridge our differences”.

In the letter he says he wants the DoT review process halted “so that Iata can launch productive discussions with other stakeholders … on a more constructive and viable approach to this important issue”.

“As you predicted in your original DoT filing, Resolution 787 has prompted a deep backlash across the travel industry on both content and process grounds.

“Open Allies and other key travel industry organisations were excluded from the discussions and drafting of Resolution 787, and our nearly 400 members are seriously concerned about its potential impacts.

“No matter how the opportunity emerges, we look forward to starting with a clean slate and working constructively with Iata should it wish to work toward the establishment of a common technological standard that will benefit consumers and all other stakeholders.”

In a submission to the DoT, Open Allies warns against the department endorsing a form of distribution agreed among airlines and calls on the government to allow the market to govern the choice of distribution models.

The group fears NDS will reduce transparency, particularly in the less price-sensitive business travel sector, and be used by airlines to push up prices.

Iata has expressed regret at not involving the agent community at an earlier stage in the process of creating NDC saying it should have sought to get agents on side first.

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