Digital Visitor engages Social Experiences Facebook app

Digital Visitor engages Social Experiences Facebook app

Leading social media agency Digital Visitor has developed a new Facebook application to improve customer engagement for their clients.

Social Experiences has been created to increase the number of ‘Likes’ and also activity on brands’ Facebook pages.

It encourages visitors to the page to upload their experiences, share them with their networks and like the brand’s Facebook page as part of the same simple process.

Digital Visitor said Social Experiences will help businesses grow ‘Likes’ with relevant audiences, increase their ‘talking about’ score and attract new audiences through existing customers’ connections.

Simon Jones, co-founder and head of operations at Digital Visitor, said: “Our new Facebook application was developed to meet the requirement from our clients to increase engagement on their social channels – namely Facebook – on an ongoing basis – a challenge many faced following a targeted campaign.

“Engaging your customers regularly and asking them to connect and share their experiences on social media is one of the very best ways to build a loyal customer base that actually drives revenue”.

Social Experiences features include:

‘Like’ Prompting

Once a customer has uploaded an experience to the businesses Facebook page, they will automatically be prompted to ‘Like’ the page, turning customers into brand advocates.

Video and Photo Upload

Users are encouraged to upload photos and videos of their experiences, delivering more attractive customer content and driving a higher level of engagement.

Social Sharing

The Social Sharing features encourage users to share their experiences, photos and videos with their social connections, exposing brands to like-minded individuals.

Digital Visitor said Social Experiences can be up and running on a brand’s Facebook page within minutes with all activity on the network also appearing on the firm’s website.

The agency claimed this will help the brand with search engine optimisation through the generating of original, user generated content.

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