Adara touts targeted marketing as it agrees Facebook deal

Big data marketing specialist Adara says it is seeing no signs of a backlash to targeted advertising online as it announced it has agreed to participate in Facebook Exchange.

The deal with the world’s largest social media site means relevant ads can be placed in the timelines of Facebook users through the Adara platform.

Tobias Wessels, Adara vice-president Europe, said: “We have not seen any evidence that targeted marketing is a turn off.

“You can see from the performance of the adverts that they are performing really well. That tells us people are acting on the ads that they see.

“It’s important we are Safe Harbor compliant – basically you have to tell people what to do, tell people what data you collect so people can withdraw their information if they want to.

“Google is already using your data but is not paying you for it, they keep the revenue for themselves, but it’s your customer. With our solution you can use your data but you get your fare share of revenue from it. That is what’s very compelling.” 

Wessels said Adara’s move in to Europe from its home in the US was going much faster than anticipated following the announcement of a significant deal with Ryanair.

The firm is targeting the Germany, Spain and France for growth as well as the UK, and Wessels said although the UK market was smaller than Germany’s it was more familiar with the concept of retargeting.

Adara chief executive Layton Han said its participation with Facebook Exchange, will allow advertisers to precisely target travellers using the website, based on their recent travel search and booking activities.
“We’re excited to participate in Facebook Exchange. Advertisers on Facebook are now able to leverage this type of robust, first-party data to reach the right travellers with the right message at the right time.”  
“Marketers need to maximize the efficiency of their ad spend. By combining Facebook’s enormous reach with Adara’s unrivalled volume of high-quality data and our proprietary, precision-targeting technology, Adara is breaking new ground for consumer brands seeking to reach travellers who are interested in their products and services.”

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