Oman Air and Travelport announce new seat assignment booking functionality

Agents booking Oman Air via Travelport’s Galileo and Worldspan systems are being offered new functionality allowing them to manage seat selection in a ‘live’ and interactive environment.

The interactive seat assignment functionality will provide agents with greater ease in booking the airline in an effort to help improve customer service.

Agents will be able to request seat maps and assign, change or cancel specific seats in real-time, while maintaining full control with the ability to accept or decline seat assignments.

Oman Air chief executive Wayne Pearce said: “We aim to ensure that Oman Air offers both customers and travel agents the greatest possible convenience and I am sure that the opportunity to select and assign seats using Travelport’s systems will be warmly welcomed.

“The system also offers the opportunity to reduce costs, enabling Oman Air to continue offering outstanding value throughout our network of more than 40 exciting destinations.”

Travelport Middle East and Africa supplier services senior director Will Owen said: “Seat maps and advance seat assignments are becoming basic expectations amongst travel agents providing a high level of service to travellers.

“Managing these services can consume valuable airline resources, if they are not automated. Travelport systems reduce and often eliminate these costs, enabling travel agents to improve their service to their passengers, as well as to the airline.”

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