Amadeus partners with Munich and Copenhagen airports

A new division focused on providing IT solutions to airports and ground handlers has been launched by Amadeus.

Munich and Copenhagen airports are collaborating with the development of a range of options to better share data, with seamlessly integrated systems to improve productivity and revenue generation.

Two new airport IT solutions – Amadeus Airport Sequence Manager and Amadeus Airport Fixed Resource Optimiser – will form part of a new suite of services for airports.

Amadeus head of airport IT John Jarrell said: “Technology has the potential to transform the efficiency of airport operations, ensuring decision making across partners is more collaborative, more accurate and based on a view of customer and operational requirements from across the travel chain.

“We could not imagine better partners for the launch of our new solutions than Munich and Copenhagen, two of the most innovative airports in the world today and we are confident that working jointly with these two world class players will result in outstanding solutions for the airport community.”

Munich airport IT senior vice president Michale Zaddach said: “Airports are at a crossroads and need to decide if they remain pure-play infrastructure managers or evolve the business model to become sophisticated and business-oriented service providers.

“However, this change poses significant challenges, many of which are technological.

“Amadeus is very well positioned at the heart of the travel ecosystem to help airports with this evolution and we are glad to cooperate to establish the foundations of a future-proof technology platform.”

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