Online travel content slammed as ‘dull and cheesy’ by former Tui boss

A former UK boss of Europe’s largest travel company Tui Travel has slammed the quality of online content in travel.

Writing on a new blog created by Brighton-based marketing agency Designate, Tim Williamson describes current content as “dull and cheesy”.

Williamson was formerly marketing and customer director at Tui Travel, based in its Luton head office, and most recently was chief executive of Dublin-based Travel Department.

In his blog he said: “You’d think with the subject matter we have got that the travel industry would lead the way in creating engaging and interesting content that inspires consumers and ultimately drives them to book.

“But no – a scan around the major travel sites shows quite the opposite – a dull collection of images of beaches, pools and deluxe suites that you’re never going to end up in.

“Then of course there’s the soft focus cheesy image of a couple on a beach at sunset sipping bubbly out of those glasses you used to get free with five litres of petrol.”

Williamson said visual content is particularly unappealing and urges travel firms to exploit the plethora of high resolution mobile devices to increase the quality.

He claimed good quality video can reassure customers, increase awareness and will drive up conversion rates.

“A quick trawl through YouTube highlights a massive missed opportunity in all sectors but especially travel – using good content, especially video, to show the human face of your company, show what you’re selling and bloody sell it.”

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