Powell’s Eysys launches ‘ground-breaking’ Holistic e-commerce platform

Cardiff-based technology firm Eysys has officially unveiled its new e-commerce technology platform Holistic.

Eysys is the latest venture from former Comtec colleagues Simon Powell, co-founder and former chief executive, and Humphrey Sheil, the Cwmbran firm’s former chief technology officer.

Holistic is software that has been designed to provide clients with a detailed view of their online activity to help them optimise their campaigns and drive up efficiency.

It has been developed for use in the travel sector as well as other areas of retail and Eysys says it is ground-breaking in terms of the level and sophistication of data it can make available to clients.

The product was officially launched today in Newport, Wales, and Abu Dhabi where Powell is attending the annual Institute of Travel and Tourism conference. Powell first revealed he had set up Eysys at last year’s ITT conference in Barbados.

Powell, Eysys chief executive, said: “‘Holistic enables our customers to sell more, spend less and reach more of their customers.

“The close analysis of customers’ online activity will enable businesses to ensure their e-commerce sites are providing the most relevant information in the most accessible way.

“As with all technologies, five years from now, every platform will claim to function like Holistic. Right now however, we are offering something completely new and cutting-edge.”

Sheil, chief technology officer at Eysys, added: “Holistic offers an in-depth view of market intelligence, and enables businesses to quickly react to competitor activity and change marketing tactics.

“Holistic users can optimise PPC keywords and campaigns side-by-side with SEO content for landing pages, and ensure that a product catalogue is marketed in the best possible way online.

“We believe Holistic to be the most integrated e-commerce platform available today.

“Holistic v2.0 is already in development and is planned for release in early 2014. It will add machine learning to v1 of Holistic, enabling the platform itself to learn ‘signals’ from e-commerce data to auto-optimise marketing spend, product catalogue configuration and content.”


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