Travel lagging retail in adoption of web optimisation technologies

Travel lagging retail in adoption of web optimisation technologies

UK travel firms are failing to exploit sophisticated web optimisation techniques, according to research by analytics specialist QuBit.

London-based QuBit has clients in a number of verticals, travel being a key one accounting for around 30% of its business.

The results of research released today has shown four out of five travel firms are using Google Analytics as their sole form of analytics.

This compared unfavourably to the broader retail sector in which more than half of companies opt to use more sophisticated tools.

Graham Cooke (pictured), chief executive of Qubit, said the result was that travel companies are doing less in terms of personalising their offering to customers than general retail.

“Our findings show that the travel industry has an opportunity to improve the way that they serve great personalised, online content for their customers,” he said.

“As their products and services focus on providing experiential activities, personalised content will help to target different customer bases more efficiently.

“Companies will find huge benefits in possessing a selection of products that integrate functionally and smoothly – allowing them to personalise at scale and really focus on optimising the customer experience.”

Other key research findings included:

– Only one in 10 of the top travel companies use a platform for testing and targeting, compared to 50% for the retail market.
– Just 4% of the top travel companies use tag management, compared to one in five of the top retail websites.
– The 10 travel websites that use the highest concentration of sophisticated third-party technologies use more than the rest of the top 50 travel websites combined.

QuBit said its research also found no string correlation between the size of company and the number of technology solutions they have adopted.

The average number of website optimisation technologies used by the top 50 travel companies was 2.26 compared to 5.7 used by the top 50 UK internet retail companies.

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